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Rosary Pilgrimage to World-Renowned Marian Shrines, Online

Take a Pilgrimage Online during pandemic time, to top 30 Marian Shrines across the Globe. These shrines were listed for Rosary Marathon, launched by Pope Francis. 

The 1-month long historic event was organised across different countries worldwide to pray for end of pandemic and presented live on you tube. 

Shrines around the world link up for recitation of the Rosary
The vatican site page presents the month-long historic event at the thirty shrines via 31 links to a series of recorded videos. The links to these videos are given in an easy to visit, table format.
The address of this vatican site page is given below


The Marathon is spectacular with the ambience of the Shrines' historic grandeur interlaced with spiritual simplicity. We get to view the shrines in naturally rich surroundings and enjoy the fervent participation of people of diverse socio culture, age and language. 

During this pandemic time the pilgrimage serves to allay our fears and invigorate us to face the present uncertainties and economic downturn


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